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Safety Training Topics
More than 50 monthly safety meeting topics offered!  

*once a year
**once every two years
***once every three years


Accident Investigations ***   Fall Protection   Outdoor Hazards
Accident Prevention   Fire Safety and Extinguisher Inspection   Personal Protective Equipment
Are You Ready for Safety Accreditation?   First Responder to Accidents   Personal Protective Grounding
Armed Robery   Fleet Safety and Awareness   Pole-top and Bucket Truck Rescue *
Back Safety   Forklift Operations ***   Pole-top Rescue *
Blood Borne Pathogens *   General Safety   Pole-trip/Air Brake Inspection
Broke Pole/First Actions   Gloving: Primary and Secondary   Power Theft and Diversion
Bucket Truck Rescue   Handling, Loading and Transporting Poles   Safe Rigging Practices
Building Evacuation Plan   Hazard Assessment   Safety Attitude
Chainsaw Safety   Hazard Communication/Right to Know *   Safety: It's a Matter of Choice
Close Calls - Accident Discussions   Hazard Recognition and Reporting *   Seat Belts and Defenseive Driving Tips
Compentent Person Training   Heat Stress   Skin Cancer: What We Need to Know
Confined Space Entry   Holliday Safety   Slips, Trips and Falls
Construction and Line Maintenance Safety   Inspection and Use of Rubber Protective Equipment   Storm Preparedness
CPR/First Aid Basic Training **   Job Briefing OSHA 29 CFR 1910.269c   Stress Management
Dealing With Irate and Difficult Customers   Ladder Safety   Thunderstorms: The Underrated Killer
Dog Bite Prevention   Lockout/Tagout Procedures   Tools and Equipment Inspection
DOT Drug and Alcohol Requirements   Lyme Disease and Ticks that Transmit   Tornado Safety
DOT Flagging **   Mayday Procedures   Transformer Banking
Drug Free Workplace (Supervisors)   Meter Safety   Underground Safety
Drug Free Workplace *   Methods of Inspecting and Testing Poles   Utility Driving Program (Circle of Safety)
Electrical Accidents/Other Sources of Power   Muscle Sprains and Strains   Vehicle Inspection
Emergency Preparedness   NSC Defensive Driving   Violence in the Workplace
Employee Responsibility   Office Ergonomics and Workstation Set-up   Work It Like It's Hot!
Equipment Operations   Office Safety: General   Work Zone Safety (MUTCD)


Please contact the Georgia EMC training staff to schedule any of these safety meetings for your EMC, or let us know if you need a specialized topic.

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