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The U.S. Constitution and You

With the help of Georgia EMC’s GEORGIA Magazine, middle and high school students in Georgia, as well as the general public, will now have access to an additional resource to help them increase their civic knowledge, particularly as it relates to the U.S. Constitution.

Last fall, GEORGIA Magazine published “Liberty Notes on the Bill of Rights,” a compilation of 38 monthly columns written by Assistant Editor Jim Jess. The individual columns, which debuted in the magazine in September 2010 and ran through March 2013, begin with background on the Constitutional Convention and the Bill of Rights, then expand upon various aspects of the first 10 amendments to the Constitution.

The document caught the attention of the Georgia Department of Education which recently posted a link to “Liberty Notes” on the main Social Studies page of their website for use by teachers, students and the general public.

“Liberty Notes” is a natural fit for the DOE Social Studies program which is charged with developing curriculum and providing appropriate resources to ensure that children learn the importance of American government to become effective and productive citizens. The DOE is following a directive from Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal to emphasize instruction about the nation’s founding documents, citizenship—to include voting and civic responsibility, economics education and fiscal responsibility. The hope is that “Liberty Notes” will become a go-to resource for students and a tool to help them increase their overall understanding of the U.S. Constitution. And, it is a great example of how public and private partnerships can work together to educate young minds and build tomorrow’s leaders.

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