Government Relations

On behalf of Georgia’s 41 EMCs that serve more than 4.5 million Georgians, Georgia EMC’s Government Relations Department represents EMCs’ interests before the:

  • Georgia General Assembly,
  • Georgia Public Service Commission,
  • United States Congress, and
  • state and federal regulatory agencies.

The primary responsibility of this department is to ensure that legislation and regulations will not adversely affect the EMCs’ ability to provide safe, reliable and affordable electricity. Our staff works to:

  • Educate lawmakers and regulators about Georgia’s EMCs,
  • Monitor legislation which affects EMCs and
  • Coordinate efforts to influence legislation and regulation when necessary.

The EMCs of Georgia are long-standing members within their communities, providing volunteers and leadership year after year. The EMCs’ member-elected boards and, in turn, the EMC staff comprise a natural and valued grassroots network throughout the state. This network offers the opportunity to bring together constituents who provide essential services to their communities with their local representatives.

Staff & Offices

Located in Midtown Atlanta, our staff and offices are only minutes away from the State Capitol – the seat of Georgia’s state government.

Note: Georgia EMC member cooperatives will find additional Government Relations information in our Member Center at left.

Georgia Legislative District Maps

2013–2014 State House Districts
2013–2014 State House Legislative District Map
2013–2014 State House Districts Metro Atlanta Inset
2013–2014 State House Metro Inset Legislative District Map
2013–2014 State Senate Districts
2013–2014 State Senate Legislative District Map
2013–2014 Congressional Districts

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