GEORGIA Magazine FAQ’s

GEORGIA Magazine, published by Georgia Electric Membership Corporation for consumers of Georgia’s electric cooperatives, celebrates the Georgia lifestyle with articles about interesting people, places and events around the state.

Begun in 1945, the publication is sent to an average of almost 500,000 readers monthly. The magazine’s primary purpose is to serve as an entertaining and educational medium for use by the electric co-ops to get their messages to consumers.

Each month, readers enjoy columns featuring recipes and gardening ideas, energy-efficiency advice and a calendar of events occurring across the state.

How do I submit information?

Q. How do I send information to GEORGIA Magazine?
A. Story ideas or leads should be submitted in writing (via postal service, e-mail or fax) to Laurel George, editor. Please allow two months for a response. Any photos that can be included with the submission will help in the planning and review process.

Q. How do I submit a Currents story?
A. Currents is a monthly column focusing primarily on Georgia’s EMCs and/or employees involved in community-related activities. If your co-op or one or more of its employees has done something to make a difference in your community, please share your “good news” with our readers by submitting your story and any color photos you may have to Currents, c/o GEORGIA Magazine, P. O. Box 1707, Tucker, GA 30085, attention: Amy Schneider.

Q. What is the necessary lead time for story ideas?
A. The earlier the better! The magazine works about two months in advance of each issue, but often we must plan up to a year ahead in order to photograph or interview for seasonal features, annual events and the like. If the story is also located in an EMC magazine circulation area, we try to schedule its publication in an issue when the story will receive distribution in that area (sometimes, though, because the story is seasonal, this is not always possible).

Q. How do I get an event announced in the Calendar section?
A. Send your information on the event, including date, time, location, event description and phone number for readers to call for more information, to Calendar of Events, c/o GEORGIA Magazine, P. O. Box 1707, Tucker, GA 30085. Please send color photos or slides relating to the event, if possible. Information must be submitted with two months’ lead time. E-mail calendar@georgiaemc.com.

Q. What about the cooking and gardening sections?
A. GEORGIA Magazine has a staff editor in charge of each section. For Georgia Gardens, contact Laurel George. For Georgia Cooks, contact Jennifer

Q. How do I submit a My Georgia story?
A. Stories should be limited to approximately 500 words and submitted in writing (via postal service, e-mail or fax) to Amy Schneider. Include a photograph of yourself, plus one or more photos to illustrate the story’s subject—usually a special person or a place.

Q. What about entering GEORGIA Magazine contests?
A. Anyone is eligible for entry in our various contests, which may be different each year. There have been cooking contests, continuing readers’ stories contests, photography contests and Christmas ornament contests. (Deadlines vary on these categories.)

Contact Names:

Laurel George, editor
Jennifer Hewett, managing editor
Kevin Braun, assistant editor
Gayle Hartman, production coordinator
Jim Jess, assistant editor
Amy Schneider, associate editor
Laine Wood, advertising representative