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EMCs Nearing Complete Restoration

Electric Membership Corporations Nearing Complete Power Restoration Tucker, Ga. –  As of 3 p.m., Georgia’s electric membership cooperatives (EMCs) … [Read more...]

EMCs Report 3,000 Outages in North Georgia

Tucker, Ga. –  As of 5 a.m., Georgia’s electric membership cooperatives (EMCs) are reporting approximately 3,000 customers without power in north … [Read more...]

EMCs Clear Most Outages and Brace for Another Storm

Tucker, Ga. – EMCs restored service to 4,900 customers overnight who lost power following a winter storm that wreaked havoc on power lines and power … [Read more...]

EMCs Enter Final Stages of Restoration

Tucker, Ga. – EMCs have entered the final stages of restoration and restored service to 126,500 customers in northeast Georgia who lost power after a … [Read more...]

EMCs Enter Latter Stages of Restoration

Tucker, Ga. – Since 5 a.m. today, EMCs have restored power to 9,600 customers in heavily damaged parts of northeast Georgia where ice still clings to … [Read more...]

EMCs Make More Progress Overnight

Tucker, Ga. – In the overnight hours, EMC crews restored service to another 9,000 customers in northeast Georgia, an area which experienced severe … [Read more...]

EMCs Restore Service to 26,500 Today

Tucker, Ga. – Since 5 a.m. today, EMCs have restored power to 26,500 customers in isolated and hard-to-reach areas in northeast Georgia, a portion of … [Read more...]

EMCs Continue to Clear Outages

NEWS RELEASE Tucker, Ga. – At 10 a.m., there are approximately 53,000 EMC customers without power, down from 134,000 at the height of the storm. … [Read more...]

EMC Crews Worked Throughout the Night

Tucker, Ga. – EMC crews made great progress overnight. As of 5 a.m. EMCs report approximately 57,500 customers without power, down from 79,000 late … [Read more...]

EMC Outages Continue to Decline

Tucker, Ga. – Since 5 a.m. today, electric membership cooperative (EMC) crews have restored power to 55,000 customers in hard-to-reach and remote … [Read more...]