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Green Power EMC Updates Sun Power for Schools Arrays

Green Power EMC solar installation Green Power EMC is changing out the Fat Spaniel weather station and data collector at each Sun Power for Schools solar arrays with Locus equipment. We have completed retrofits for 15 schools and began the final phase of retrofits Aug. 5. Marty Myers will contact each EMC to ask them to contact their school’s teacher and IT personnel for permission to access the array and interior closet for the day and time that their retrofit is scheduled. We plan to retrofit all schools by the end of August. With the new Locus equipment, we are working with Locus personnel and developing a new Sun Power for Schools website, which will continue to be part of the GPEMC website. The new site will show lifetime data for each array and much of the data we had with the Fat Spaniel site. The plan is to have a beta site available for teachers and EMC personnel by the end of August.

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