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Green Power EMC Continues to Grow Georgia’s Solar Energy Supply

On May 15, Green Power EMC launched a new website focused on solar energy, which will serve as an educational resource for EMC members seeking more information on the topic. The website aims to help members make wise choices when considering solar energy as an option.

The fact-oriented website is designed to educate residents about solar energy and electric photovoltaic systems, so they can determine if solar is a viable choice for their home or business. The site provides additional information about alternative means for consumers to receive solar energy if their home or business is not suited for solar installations directly on the structure.

The content-rich online resource includes information about solar energy and how it works, methods to determine if solar energy is a good option for individual customers, options for receiving solar energy and steps to obtain solar energy, including requirements and cost estimates.

Additional features include a list of frequently asked questions about solar, a solar calculator, a video, links to other solar resources and a direct link to solar data, so potential customers can gain a better understanding of how solar works. View the new Green Power EMC solar website at

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